Day at the beach, evening on the patio


Today we did a morning of community service, it was scheduled for the students and the staff at the international office. We went to a local beach that is also part of the nature preserve to remove trash. I had not been down to this beech before and it was beautiful. I feel like that is a word that cannot be overused here in South Africa. There were several locals fishing off the rocks but other than them the beech was totally desserted. I have always preferred undeveloped beeches and this was just that. On the way down to the parking lot we passed the penguin rescue, where I hope to volunteer at least a few times while I am here. I will get more information about the volunteering opportunities next week, during registration. They have informational sessions about the different volunteering opportunities and then signup sheets with dates….back to the beech…The quote of the morning goes to Aaron who, after walking around the lighthouse to look at the penguins someone saw on the rocks, reported back that

We thought they were penguins until one of them flew away!

Too funny! Our morning got cut short when it started to rain.

Then a group of us from SCSU went on a mall adventure. Some people wanted groceries, others just wanted to shop, and I wanted lunch & to see what the mall was like. For me, it was confusing! Oy, vey! We split up into several groups and ours was the least successful shopping co-hort. We kept getting turned around and heading off in the wrong direction as we looked for the “Walmart of South Africa”. When we got there and shopped we quickly found out that either 1. there is no equivilent to Walmart in South Africa or 2. the person who told us that had never been to Walmart.
When this happens we just chalk it up to “study abroad struggles”. We were all successful enough on our shopping trips to find decent cheep wine. So, when we got back to the hotel we decided to have dinner off the room service menu because it is cheeper than ordering from the resteraunt. I hd purchased a merlot and so the pasta with red sauce was all I needed.

Oh, these girls I am on this trip with from SCSU keep me laughing! Give them a some alcohol and well, lets just say my abs are sore today!
Now, granted almost all of what you see in this picture did not belong to our group. We cannot even begin to keep up with the Europeans…

After we ate our dinner we joined another group outside on the patio, upstairs in the student area, where they had eaten their dinner. It was a good night.



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