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imageWhen I first started this blog, it was just as I had been approved for this semester. I didn’t start following other study abroad students until January. I was packing and getting ready to leave and so was this vast community of people. I could go through the WordPress Reader with the tag study abroad and see other people who were struggling with how to pack 6 months into one or two suitcases. As the transition actually happened, we got onto planes so excited for our adventures. Lots of posts of “Yay! I’m SO excited!” As my cohort made our way to South Africa we met other students in the airports and on our planes who were headed off for the semester too. It feels like you are part of a community. The sense of community is growing smaller by the day because the programs all finish at various times. Many students go back for the end of the semester at their home university and so I’m reading blog posts of them leaving. We don’t leave South Africa until the end of June. I’m happy to be here the whole time, I truly wish I could be here the entire year! I have another transition waiting for me back in the States. A move, a new school and new challenges. While it was so fun to be apart of the blog community at the beginning, I find myself guarding against reading too many of the study abroad posts written by students who are leaving and heading home. I don’t want to mentally feel separated from my program until I have to. I plan on keeping this blog going as I move to Washington, D.C. and transition it to thoughts about my experience there and teaching. I hope some of the other bloggers I have grown acustome to reading will keep their blogs going as well. It is a nice community.


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