It tastes like ‘Merica

Today, I did a rare thing. I spent most all day at a mall. Honestly, I do not think that I have ever done this before. When I lived in Greensboro and Jennifer would want me to go shopping with her I’d end up ditching her and her mom in favor of Barnes and Noble. As a backup plan I had a copy of my thesis with me this afternoon to work on edits for that moment I was sure would come and I’d duck out of this shopping activity. But it never came. We had a totally chill day at the Walmer Park Mall. I picked up a few necessities and found a blouse on sale that was a want not a need. We had a great lunch, I had an ostrich wrap (as you can see below).

Then we stopped in the Brittish treat shop that specializes in sweets, teas, and cake mixes from the U.K. I hadn’t realized the other times I had been in this shop that they also carry a couple of items from the United States. So, I got a Dr. Pepper (better than in the US ’cause its made with cane sugar and not corn syrup) and a package of Reese’s Cups. I was pretty excited after this little purchase and opened them in the bookstore we went to next. As I took the first bite I said, “That tastes like ‘merica.” Before I ate all 3 of the Reese’s cups, I was back in the store buying two more packages of them. I was holding the last bite in my hand as I brought the other two up to the cashier and had a huge guilty smile on my face. The cashier was awesome and said, “No judgement here!” I now have the Dr. Pepper in my fridge and the Reese’s cups are getting even more chill in my freezer!



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