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How Evernote can help you with your literature review

I’m still searching for a better research process…this seems like a good one…I’d love to hear thoughts from my academic friends…on this as a process or how do you organize and research big projects?

Source: How evernote can help you with your literature review


Tickets Purchased!

I just purchased my tickets for the ABC Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.  The conference will be Jan 6-8 at the University of Cape Town.  I’m excited to meet the academics and professionals coming together for this event.

I also hope to be able to do some research while I’m back on that side and so I won’t be back this side until just before the start of Spring Semester!

Now, I have to get IRB approval…

Oh, right – the conference

Yes, the purpose of my trip isn’t 100% vacation! Although I am looking forward to everything I get to do. 
This afternoon I received an email from the conference organizers worth the schedule. I’m excited to hear the presentations and meet the other presenters.  And surprise, I’m chairing one of the sessions!
Here are some of the topics:
“Keeping it real: teaching technical
communication as an authentic
“Attitudes and Motivation
in SLA: Does Attitude/Motivation Outweigh Aptitude?”
“Professional work as
identity work: analysis of
professional association websites”
And there’s even a writing center presentation! “Using a Writing Centre to enhance students’ writing skills in a Technical
University: A case study”


I am really looking forward to meeting and learning from these academics.

Charmed, I’m sure

Third time is a charm.

I booked my tickets yesterday for my trip to South Africa and Botswana next month.

What’s one of the best perks of being a graduate student? Conferences! I know, I know. Conferences get a bad wrap sometimes, but I try to double down on my conference time. Fall semester I got to see Philadelphia for the first time and was blown away.

So, in this same vien-I’m presenting at a conference in Botswana and taking time to visit South Africa while I’m already on that side. The first time I went to South Africa was in 2013 and only for a week.  The trip was nine days but a good chunk was traveling.  We crammed a lot in during those nine days. Last year, I did an internship at NMMU in Port Elizabeth.   I felt lucky each day I was there.  Now, I’m going back!  I’ll be there for almost a month.  I’ll fly into Johannesburg and explore the city until the middle of the month when I go to Gaborone for the conference.  After the conference I’ll go to Port Elizabeth for a week.  When I leave PE I’ll fly to Johannesburg and back to the US.

Ideas Are Scary

I’ve been on the receiving end of teachers or instructors who were scared of new ideas. They just didn’t know how to handle anyone who questioned their methodology. Since I had that experience the times that standout in my education were those moments when my instructor smiled and let me make an argument for my crazy idea. Those are the instructors I keep in mind when I think about being a professor because schools need more instructors who will welcome students’ ideas. Students take a risk when they approach an instructor. If an instructor smashes the student’s idea hater than welcoming it and helping the student channel & develop their idea into the best possible form for the class. I love this commercial. Hopefully, the message can resonate with people, not just for GE, but also other places where ideas scare us. As the commercial states “under the proper care, they [ideas] become something beautiful.”

Ethnographic Emergency

Quick, call an anthropologist!


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