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South Africa's Mining Industry

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The colonization counterfactual

Rachel Strohm

One of the questions I’m often asked by friends who haven’t studied African history is what might have happened to the continent if it hadn’t been colonized.  It’s interesting to look at the following map of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon in the light of this question:

Alkebu-lan[click for full size – it’s worth it!]

I haven’t been able to find any firm documentation on the origin of the name Alkebu-lan, although a variety of questionably sourced websites suggest that it’s an Arabic phrase meaning “land of the blacks” – supposedly an original name for Africa.  Cyon notes in a presentation that the map represents the culmination of an alternate history where the Black Plague killed significantly more Europeans than was actually the case, presumably reducing the amount of early colonization which would have occurred.  Thus, while many of these territorial groupings appear feasible to…

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Africa’s Economic Giants: Part One

Even though this video is from 2012, I think it gives some good information on the economic status of these two countries. Also, since this is part one there is an account of the history between the two countries. Nigeria supported black South African’s fight against apartheid.

Below is the CNBC Africa description of the video:
Dubbed as Africa’s economic giants, Nigeria and South Africa account for one-half of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, and are potentially two of the biggest drivers of growth for the region as a whole. Their intra-regional and financial links have expanded significantly in recent years, but it is widely recognized that there is still a long road ahead in achieving optimum economic integration.

What is South Africa?

I’m reblogging this because I found the authors description of South Africa to be well-written and articulate. I find it difficult to describe South Africa to people who haven’t been here. I haven’t been here that long and do not feel like I can describe South Africa with any amount of authority. However, I hope this post helps some people understand this country from a more complicated perspective.

South Africa: Hiking in Vain?

Khayelitsha’s Township Café

This unique coffee shop opened in Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town serving the people of the township.  The prices are set to serve the community in which the coffee shop in located and providing a service that is in demand, good coffee.

When I was on my spring break trip last year to South Africa, we were told over and over again how development was what South Africans wanted for themselves.  Tourist dollars over charity.  We were told this in our orientation our first day at NMMU and again on our city tour of Port Elizabeth.  I love this story because it exemplifies what we were told through these sessions.  I hope to read/see more like this.

Khayelitsha’s Township Café.

via Khayelitsha’s Township Café.

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